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Dream big. Work hard.
Make it happen.

Bespoke Personalised Training Plans
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How to get involved?

PR offers what most traditional running clubs don't. That is 1-1 training, personalised coaching, and training plans. We still run group sessions and events but the focus is on YOUR development. Contact us at if you would like to talk to the Coaches.

Which service are you interested in?

The PR Training Philosophy

1. British old-school aerobic development mixed with modern-day scientific knowledge.

2. Our foundations are built on solid high aerobic development in our runners.

3. Running-specific personalised strength & conditioning is built into every runner's program.

4. Every runner is treated as an individual which is why they are given their own personalised training plan, we understand that different people progress differently.

5. We believe that running is as much an art as it is a science therefore developing sound efficient running mechanics is high on our list of priorities.

6. We are a heavily data-driven project where all sessions are tracked on our training plan software and regular feedback is essential for athletes and their coach to move forward together. 


7. Community is at the heart of the team. We support one another fully in our ambitions to be the best we can be. Not every activity together is training, we also like to include social activities to increase team cohesion.


8. The 3 P's - Positivity, Passion, and Preparation. They are at the heart of our journey together.


9. We don't believe in setting limits. There are no limits, just plateaus and we must surpass them and aim for the very best for ourselves.

10. The most important point. Athletes must buy 100% into their journey. There is no half in/half out otherwise you are doing yourself and our team a disservice. A lot of work goes into each individual's journey therefore we expect 100% commitment to the cause in return for making you the best you can be.  


A real breath of fresh air.
So dedicated to the running cause.
Fantastic group with fantastic coaches who combine passion with sport science in training, as well as (n)epic events.

David Bentley

I have only been training with NEP for a short time, in this time I have found them to be supportive, friendly, professional and very understanding.

They are very focused at helping people to achieve their goals. Their work is incredible as well as their determination and drive, training is fun and people are happy!

Patricia Speedie